Monday, November 26, 2007

Review of my Review...

Back in March I sat down and made a few observations about the first two weeks of the 2007 NASCAR season. Just to refresh your memory, here are my five bullet points:
1) Mark Martin needs to run the full season
2) Dale Earnhardt Jr. will not win a race in 2007
3) FOX needs to go
4) Richard Childress Racing is Back
5) The Car of Tomorrow is today

Now let's just see how I did.

1) Mark Martin in fact didn't run the full schedule, struggled towards the middle point of the year when Bobby Ginn ran out of money, and wasn't really a threat much of the year. Maybe he should have run the full schedule to gain some more consistency. Next year he'll run pretty much the same partial schedule, except with a different number and new co-driver.

2) I called it. I just didn't realize what would happen after I called it. Junior didn't win a race, didn't make the chase, didn't stay with DEI, and didn't keep the 8. Next year will however be a different story... hopefully.

3) It turns out that in the 7 years since ESPN last covered a NASCAR race that nobody from the company actually watched a race. ESPN's coverage was so bad it made TNT's six-race stretch in the summer seem good. Fox, please put in a bid to carry all 36 races.

4) RCR was in fact back. Sort of. All three cars made the chase. All three drivers won A race. But did you hear much else from them? Clint Bowyer tried to make a run for the title but fell short when Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon started their clinic at the end of the year entitled, "How to effectively stink up a perfectly good playoff system by finishing in the top 15 every week and not letting anybody else win for 6 straight weeks." Maybe next year they'll win 2 a piece.

5) The Car of Tomorrow is no more. It is now only the NASCAR racecar. In June, NASCAR officials announced that the new wing car would be run exclusively in 2008 and beyond. The twisted sister is gone. The wing is now. However, I hope NASCAR realizes that there are a few things that need to be tweaked to make this car awesome. The racing will be much improved if they do realize these needs.

Next February I'll make some more predictions and I'll check back in November to see how right or wrong I was. I'm thinking something along the lines of Hendrick Motorsports will win atleast 20 races next year.

boy am I stupid...

I may have just done one of the dumbest things I've ever done in my life. And I've done some pretty stupid things in my life.

After hosting a talk show for 2 hours I closed the show by calling myself the wrong name. I began thanking everyone who had called into the show, all the regular members in studio and our board engineer.

Then it happened.

"I am (wrong name) , good night everybody."

I could have gone on a tangent of obscenities that would have made a Carolina marching band member blush, but no. I said the wrong name.

I didn't immediately realize what I had done, but the other guy in studio with me and the tape of the show back it up. It should be noted that all recordings of the show have now been destroyed, despite requests from others.

I don't know why I did it. It should also be noted that I've been under a lot of stress the past few days and got only a third as much sleep during the Thanksgiving break as I wanted to.

I can only imagine what next week will be like. The first line of the show will be something to the extent of "he don't even know his own name," or something like that.

In 30 years if I'm still in the radio business, I know that nobody will think anything about it. But in 30 years, I'll remember this night.

If I was taking a test, I would have just lost 5 points for not putting my name on the paper.

Please, oh please let nobody have listened to this show tonight.

For everybody who called in, our regular panelists, and our board engineer, I'm Robbie Mays. Good night everybody.